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Integrated Digital Logistics Network for Speedy Responses By Diatha Krishna Sundar

March 2001

Make sure you address most correspondence to: Professor Diatha Krishna Sundar Associate Teacher & Chairperson - ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING Centre Of india Institute of Management Bangalore Bannerghatta Street Bangalore 560 076 Cellphone: 080 -- 6993276 Send: 080-6584050 Email-based: [email protected] ernet. in

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Operating Paper on Integrated Digital Logistics Network for Speedy Responses

Diatha Krishna Sundar Associate Mentor & Chairperson - ERP Center American indian Institute of Management Bangalore, India

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Integrated Virtual Logistics Network pertaining to Quick Replies D. Krishna Sundar1 Subjective Trucking is a vital portion of the transport system that supports Of india Manufacturing. Trucking companies are attempting at featuring such nontraditional trucking companies as storage, distribution, inventory management, selecting and packing - assemblage operations and return goods management as part of their useful services therefore making production (brick and mortar) activity competitive inside the information (click) age. The stakeholders through this exercise happen to be (i) making industries (particularly Small and Moderate scale companies - SMEs), (ii) logistics service providers (transportation, warehousing, cleaning and forwarding agencies), and (iii) authorities and financial agencies (Central Excise and Customs, Local Transport Organizations, Surface Travel Agencies and Banks etc). The present scenario warrants a built-in quick response mechanism to extend complete logistics solutions in a seamlessly bundled manner to lessen costs rather than extending the skills in a sketchy way. Through this context, this kind of paper efforts at 1 ) Study from the present IT architecture, organization processes of numerous agencies, associated with providing and using strategies industry's companies in India, like Transport sector (Trucking agencies, trucking brokers and 3PL assistance providers), Customs & Central Excise of India inner processes and their external communications with EDI partners (such Airports Expert of India, Port Cartouche, Banks and so forth, ), Developing Companies' THAT infrastructures [Small and Medium size industries business resource preparing (ERP) and supply chain administration (SCM) platforms), and 2 . Developing a framework for " Integrated online logistics network for Speedy Responses" which would element in the existing procedures, systems and organizations' tasks and the government's proposed investments in the web commerce and e-governance infrastructure, and designing a technology modification road map.

Doctor D. Krishna Sundar, Relate Professor A Chairperson-ERP Middle, Indian Commence of Administration Bangalore, India 560 076. E-mail: [email protected] emet. in


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1 ) 1 Advantages In the information age, with information symmetry, customers compare prices, delivery schedules, and product information with a great ease that was by no means possible with traditional storefronts. These features impacting not simply all the buyer touch points of an organization, although also, send out shock ocean through the entire worth (supply) string. Organizations have to cut inefficiencies in every part of procurement, division, manufacturing, revenue, service, and marketing. Time to market stresses and responsiveness to buyer demands have not been so great. Established brick and mortar companies are reform themselves and leveraging the newest technologies. These types of organizations have become more competitive through better information showing,

manufacturing upon demand, and using real-time collaboration throughout their supply chain. All their goals will be increased efficiencies, reduced happiness costs, and enhanced the perfect time to market....

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