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One earning the money (2007) done a study of immigrant parents' experiences with child wellbeing services. The purpose of the study was to identify barriers to companies, and counsel for policy changes in programs, and practice to successfully address the needs of immigrant family members and children. Subjects to get the study consisted of two emphasis groups of immigrant parents whom recently skilled child well being investigations in the city of Nyc. In total, primary groups were comprised of 10 mothers, and fathers from different ethnic backgrounds. Effects indicated that barriers to child wellbeing services were the worker's lack of understanding of the immigration process, cultural incompetence, and language issues.

Earner, I. (2007). Immigrant people and general public child welfare: Barriers to services and approaches pertaining to change. В Child Welfare, 86(4), 63-91. Retrieved from

Critique of Study and Article

With this study, your research question, " What are the barriers to public kid welfare solutions concerning immigrant families? ” is plainly and effectively identified. It is known in the name, and in this. Key terms and concepts will be immigrant family members, public kid welfare, boundaries to providers, and methods for change. These are every clearly identified. The focus teams were held more than a five yr period, beginning in 2002, and consisted of two fathers and nine mothers. Parents were recruited by local companies in the East Harlem, and Chinatown communities. Both local communities experience large groups of newly arrived immigrants. Fliers had been posted inside the waiting areas at the neighborhood agencies providing immigrant households. Snowballing was the method of testing used, where parents had been asked to refer others towards the study. Staff workers had been trained by researcher, and translators were used. The size of the study was exploratory qualitative. The test size was small , with only eleven participants; this is certainly typical in a qualitative study, and reflected in this study. Four open-ended, broad questions were asked by graduate student interns who done the focus groupings. The inquiries were: (1) How would you and your family touch the public kid welfare agency? (2) Explain overall how you felt with regards to your interactions while using agency? (3) What performed you find helpful in your interactions with the organization? (4) What are the recommendations you would probably make about the firm and solutions? Sessions were recorded, and transcribed by using the interpraters.

Constraints of the research are plainly explained, noting that the test size and exploratory design poses questions of trustworthiness and replicability. The small sample of parents will not represent almost all immigrant families and would not include most ethnicities. The application of translators in the focus teams brings up the void of interpretation. In addition , their attendance may have caused a lot of parents to get unwilling to share all experiences. The research is culturally and geographically restricted to New York City, therefore it is not a full representation. Yet , it is quite useful, and genuine research. Rather than focusing on statistical data, this emphasizes the energy, thoughts, and concerns with the participants. With the limitations, the analysis does response the question regarding the experiences of immigrant parents involved with public child well being, and recognizes barriers satisfactorily. In my opinion, this kind of study was very well written, and simple. It would not contain vast amounts of unintelligible verbiage or massive quantities of scientific data difficult to comprehend. Even though, it had been quite extended, it was easy to read. Significance of Study

At the moment, there is tiny research about immigrant family members in child welfare or...

References: One earning the money, I. (2007). Immigrant family members and community child wellbeing: Barriers to services and approaches pertaining to change. В Child Welfare, 86(4), 63-91. Gathered from


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