Determination of the Composition of Cobalt Oxalate Hydrate

 Essay about Determination of the Composition of Cobalt Oxalate Hydrate

Willpower of the Make up of Co (symbol) Oxalate Moisturizer

Experiment doze

Robbie Kinsey

Partner: Debnil Chowdhury

Chem. 1312-D

TA's: Russell Dondero & Sylvester Mosley

Feb 9, 2000


The purpose of this lab was to determine the percent co (symbol) and oxalate by mass, and with that information, the empirical formula for cobalt oxalate moisturizer, using the general formula Coa(C2O4)b. cH2O.


The powdered cobalt oxalate hydrate was weighed to about 0. 3 g and placed in a pre-weighed crucible. The crucible as well as the cobalt oxalate were then heated before the cobalt oxalate decomposed into a stable, dark-colored solid, or perhaps Co3O4. Once the crucible was sufficiently cooled down, the crucible and the new substance were weighed. With this pounds, the mass percent of cobalt could be determined. This task was in that case repeated. Coa(C2O4)b. cH2O + heat ( Co3O4

A 300 cubic centimeters 0. a few M sulfuric acid remedy was created by adding 25 cubic centimeters of 6th M sulfuric acid to 275 ml of distilled water. A buret was then cleaned out and stuffed with the KmnO4 solution. Subsequent, 10 to 15 cubic centimeters of zero. 1 M sodium oxalate solution was added to 95 ml sulfuric acid and placed in a great Erlenmeyer flask for titration. The solution was then warmed to around 70 degrees C. The solution was then titrated until a faint pink/purple color remains for about 30 seconds. The Molarity of the KMnO4 can then be determined. This task was repeated.

About zero. 3 g of cobalt oxalate hydrate was then weighed (to the nearest zero. 1 mg) and placed in an Erlenmeyer flask with 100 milliliters of 0. 5 Meters sulfuric acid solution. This answer was in that case heated to about 62 degrees C. This option was also titrated while using KMnO4 right up until a specific color change occurs. With this information, the mass percent of oxalate can be discovered. This was repeated. 5C2O42- + 2MnO41- & 16H+ ( 10CO2 + 2Mn2+ + 8H2O

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