Imagine a Absurd Man

 Dream of a Ridiculous Man Essay

Erin Simpson


RLST 1117 EL10

Article 2

Doctor Ron Srigley

March 29th, 2013

Dostoevsky's brief story " Dream of a Ridiculous man”, describes the down sides of the key character in locating the meaning of life. He could be troubled with the idea that existence has no that means and that science and logic only exist, analogized because the " head” pertaining to the meaning of life. The storyplot begins with all the character assuming that nothing at all in his life matters. He's set on eradicating himself right up until one night changes his perspective within the meaning of life totally. He starts to believe that scientific research and logic are not enough to make persons happy. This individual decides that people need something to believe to make living life advantageous. The short story starts with the typical question with the greater human being need: what is the meaning of life? Some say that individuals are searching for something which holds anything together. We have a need for us to make sense of the world's past, present, and foreseeable future (Cicovacki, 2012). A more correct thought is the fact life is more meaningful when there is a purpose to it. To have a purpose anytime gives human beings a sense of course and enables them to discover their put in place the world. The question is whether this kind of purpose originates from within or perhaps from interior or external forces (Cicovacki, 2012). One conception of life is which a " creator”, more powerful compared to the human world, supplies the aim of life. This is one of the most significant theories as it has been around to get so long. This reassures our existence in the world because it leaves us believing that there is usually someone seeing us and they will be around intended for support in sticky situations. This approach might be difficult to stick to because it needs a great deal of trust (Cicovacki, 2012). The main character in " Dream of a Ridiculous man” initially describes the " head” while the meaning of life, which means that the world is present because of scientific research. He says " Most likely it was due to the terrible misery that was gaining my soul through something which was even more consequence than anything else about me: that something was your conviction that had come upon myself that nothing at all in the world considered. I had lengthy had an suspicion of it, however the full recognition came a year ago almost instantly. I suddenly felt it turned out all the same to my opinion whether the world existed or whether right now there had never been anything at all: I began to feel with all my being that there was nothing at all existing. To start with I fancied having that many things had been with us in the past, yet afterwards My spouse and i guessed that there never had been nearly anything in the past possibly, but which it has only seemed so far for some reason. Slowly and gradually I guessed that there is nothing down the road either” (Dostoevsky, 1877). The central personality of the tale feels this individual has no goal or course. He feels that the universe would be the same place if he had never existed, which is the foundation for his urge to adopt his personal life. There are plenty of people that have to have faith in something-anything, to look for motivation to keep living. Daily life can be tedious and depressing not knowing stance or fit in the world. Therefore , the character will need some sort of faith to make living worthwhile.

The struggle for the main persona continues over the short story as he faces confusion about the meaning of life. Within the night he has an face with a little young lady in require; He responds by sharing with the girl to go away and search for help anywhere else. The character brain back to his apartment and since he sits down there with all the revolver alongside him, thinking of killing him self, he begins to hesitate since the little girl is usually lingering in his mind. The character states, " You see, nevertheless nothing considered to me, I possibly could feel pain, for instance. If anyone had caught me it could have damage me. It was the same morally: if anything very horrible happened, I should have experienced...

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