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Appendix A: U. S Medical care Timeline

Utilize following fb timeline or build a timeline of your own with 8 major events, including the 4 provided under, from the previous 50 years. You could change the dates in the container to match the dates of the events. Range from the following inside your timeline:

Treatment and Medicaid

HIPAA of 1996

State Children's Medical insurance Program (SCHIP)

Prospective Payment processing system (PPS)


Prospective transaction processing system was presented in the 1950's and its primary objection was going to have an efficient way to collect payments via programs including medical. 1965

Medicare has been around for years and it was brought to the public in 1965. This is a coverage for elderly s that are 65 and elderly, disabled people and people with the end level renal disease. Medicare can be described as program that protects everybody with spreading the financial risk across contemporary society. Medicare offers defined advantage for enrollees. 1966

The HIPPA Action was created in 1966 and has continuity of medical care for people who alter from jobs. In addition, it helps with the distribution of health information a lot more like a personal privacy thing. Ensuring the information was comprehended was one of its primary focus. Obtaining the correct info to the individual. 1973

The HMO work of 1973 was bring in under the Nixon administration. The was the research for been able care mainly because federal support was marketed to them even thought there were prepaid group health plans. 1977

1977 was the launching of the HCFA, this was Healthcare Financing Government and the work was to help with the Medicare and Medical planning programs 97

The State Children Health Insurance Software was released in 1997, and the quest was to produce health care affordable to children who would not really people in a position to afford coverage. The way the program work was because it would supplement father and mother with modest incomes that could not qualify for Medicaid. the year 2003

HIAA can be described as organization that was created in...


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