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Do you think that in the enjoy of Cosi, you place inconsistant backgrounds behind the character types?

Louis Nowra: They will act as environment to support discord between them. Lewis Demonstrates the cabability to accept change, however this individual also displays his reluctance to assert his own honnete upon other folks in the play. However the diverse personalities per acts as a meaningful tangle all-around Lewis, he essentially becomes part of the target audience, redundant in a world of conformity, which is just like showing his mental state is definitely not a reflection of his morals but rather an illness past his control.

Inside the play, do you think the characters show the worth of the ‘sane' world of the 1970's?

Louis Nowra: I do believe the personas, show illogical, but concurrently individuality, by which, within on its own provides shelter. The characters have been was used to getting the audience to consider, their own place in contemporary society, whether they master, or are completely outclassed, whether they allow others to have wholesome lives, or whether or not they do so themselves. The personas have presented the restrictions of this universe between state of mind and craziness.

In the play what two exclusive styles of terminology do the character types contrast?

Paillette Nowra: ( Interviewee sighs ) I do believe the all-natural speech of Lewis plus the patients is usually contrasted inside the stylised discussion of Mozart's opera. Lewis and the your patients will use dialogue which reflects the sounds and patterns of Australian conversation. Doug is quite crude and it reflects the lack of limitations in all areas of his conduct. Roy likewise uses raw language sometimes, but his speech is characterised by a tone of sarcasm, which is often presented in a very witty way. Henry's absence of conversation reflects the emptiness of his world and both his deficiency of confidence and what he sees as being a lack of have to communicate. I do believe Nick and Lucy's conversation is often noticeable by a strident, political sculpt, which displays their rigid attitudes.

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