Easy Clean Control Analysis Form

 Essay upon Easy Clean Control Evaluation Form

1 . Ethics and Moral Values

In evaluating this component of the control environment consider whether: * Generally there appears to be adequate integrity for management and employees

2 . Dedication to Skills

In analyzing this element of the control environment consider whether: 2. Management features specified the competence level needed for particular skills and translated the required levels of competence into requisite knowledge and skills 5. Evidence is available indicating that staff appear to have requisite expertise and skills


WeakensWeakens norSthrengthens


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three or more. Board of directors or audit committee participation

In evaluating this kind of component of the control environment, consider if: * A board is available and is adequate in account to deal with important issues effectively * Administrators or committee members possess sufficient understanding, industry knowledge and a chance to serve efficiently * Some directors or committee users are self-employed of supervision * Frequency and timeliness with which conferences are placed with accounting officers and and exterior auditors 5. The table overseas and takes action as needed


WeakensWeakens norSthrengthens


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four. Management's viewpoint and functioning style

In evaluating this kind of component, consider whether:

2. Business risks are properly monitored

5. Management can be willing to embark on relatively lower levels of business risk * Management places a high goal on internal control

* Management explicity attempts to minimize the risk of misstatements


WeakensWeakens norSthrengthens


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five. Organizational structure

In evaluating this component,...


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