Cm220 -- Final Project

 Essay upon Cm220 - Final Project

Unit on the lookout for – Final Project

Kristopher Turek

Kaplan University

CM 220 Section X

Professor Eric Miller

Tuesday, May well 22nd 2012

Formal Letter to Senator–

The Honorable Barbara Fighter

112 Scharf Senate Workplace

United States Senate

Buenos aires, DC 20510

Dear Senator,


Identity fraud is a problem faced every day for those that are living in our amazing state of California. For some it is common knowledge to protect your identity however for those that are not familiar with the techniques of these common crooks, will cost a lifetime of savings and irreparable problems for ones credit and financial situation. According to the Washington dc Office of Privacy Security, " there was more than 11 million victims of Identification Theft in the United States in 2009, and even more than a million of those subjects were Californians…. (Office with the Attorney General, 2009)            � To battle these makes that seem unstoppable I recommend we consider setting aside one month a year to create these methods known over a global level. This will allow each of our government to educate the people approach protect themselves in hopes to quit this offense once and for all.            � Thank you for your time and account and always grateful for your diligence and devotion to your task, State and our wonderful Country. Kindest Regards,

Kristopher Turek

123 HURUF Lane

Hillcrest, Ca 92102



State of California Doj (N. Deb. ) Personality Theft. Business office of the Lawyer General: Recovered from

Identity Robbery Awareness Month: DRAFT

Kristopher Turek

Kaplan University

CM 220 Section X

Professor Eric Burns

Tuesday, May 1st 2012

Unit six Project: Identity Awareness Month

March is definitely Fraud Avoidance Month in Canada and while all of us here in the us are more than aware of the identity thievery, emails scams and infections that are making the rounds, we appear to think everyone understands how to guard themselves. Canadian Newswire estimated that fraud and other scam related offenses profited up to $10 to $30 billion annually (Canada, N. 2012, March 14). The INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE reported 938, 664 bogus returns related to identity robbery, totaling $6. 5 billion, last year only (Zamost T. & Kayne R. 2012). Even though education projects are usually cumbersome and unnecessary, we should adopt Canada's Fraud Awareness Month to equip the citizens with tools and resources that will help to protect them.

Fraud has become a widespread issue reaching just about every aspect of each of our personal lives. ABC Reports ran a peice written by Susanna Kim named " Duty Identity Thievery: More Individuals have Refunds Thieved, IRS Studies. Kim publishes articles a startling piece about Karen Greenwood of And. C. that became a victim of income tax scams. Kim reveals that duty related id theft is comparatively easy to make. All you need is a social security number and a name (Kim, S. 2012). Kim likewise went on to report that nearly 25% of the 1 ) 8 , 000, 000 fraud grievances to the FTC were associated with tax or wage related fraud, 2 times the number in 2009. What can we do?

Citizens affected or perhaps not at this time epidemic must be educated, allowed on a national level and given the appropriate resources openly to protect and if need be repair what continues to be left with their credit and savings accounts. This education must be presented on almost all levels of news, media and internet accessible at no charge. More importantly this information and education must be put into the hands of every American Resident. Education and materials exclusively are not going to end the battle with fraud; the citizens must be made informed this information can be bought to all of them. For this reason only the task of " Fraud Awareness Month” within the United States is sensible. What is Fraud Awareness Month?

Fraud Awareness Month is simple, one month every year we set aside to focus on training our individuals of the assets that are available to them. Methods...

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