CHM 102 Syllabus

 CHM 102 Syllabus Dissertation


College of Science and General Studies

Introduction to Biochemistry and biology, CHM 102

Spring, 2015

Course Info:

Section one particular:

Class Time: Mon., Get married to.: (13 EVENING – 14. 30 PM)

Category Location: Men S1. 036, Female S2. 031

Faculty Contact Information:

Teacher Name: Prof. Mohammed Zourob

Business office number: SG-56

Office Several hours: Mon. and Wed.: (10-13) or simply by Appointment.

Email-based: [email protected] edu

Course Description:

This single-semester, port course is designed to provide engineering students having a foundation inside the fundamental concepts and ideas of biochemistry and biology. Topics covered include atomic structure, nomenclature, chemical equations, stoichiometry, thermochemistry, chemical developing, solution houses, kinetics, balance, electrochemistry, descriptive inorganic, elemental chemistry, and bio/organic chemistry. Quantitative problem solving, involving a lot of calculus-based principles, is stressed.

Course Learning objectives

After completion of this course, students should have both a knowledge of and appreciation to get basic substance principles and in addition an improved capacity to identify complications, to develop algorithms to solve challenges, and to considerately implement these algorithms.

Textbooks & Materials

Required: Biochemistry 11th copy, by Raymond Chang

Extra Browsing:

Principles and modern applications, by Petrucci, Harwood, Sardines and Madura 10th Copy, Person (2009)

Atkins, Philip, and Loretta Jones. Chemical substance Principles: The Quest for Insight. 4th impotence. New York, BIG APPLE: W. H. Freeman and Company, 3 years ago.

Grading Policy

The ultimate grade with this course will be based on a percentage of items earned in accordance with total conceivable points. The following is the commencement point distribution for examinations, quizzes plus the laboratory level. However , the grading level cannot be decided until most scores have been compiled and evaluated. To be able to optimize your general performance make use of...


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