Chapter 1

 Chapter one particular Essay

Factors Impacting Students Tardiness in School of Organization Administration and Accountancy, Mindanao State University or college - Iligan Institute of Technology


Section of Economics

College of Business Administration

Mindanao Point out University – Iligan Commence of Technology

Submitted by:

Kent C. Bande

Published to:

Ms. Lady Lou D. Marapao

October 2013

Phase I


Education is definitely an essential foundation good existence. Education educates what gentleman lives and struggles pertaining to. It cultivates an integrated life. By therefore doing, it offers significance of life. It is necessary for contemporary society. Education trends and versions man pertaining to society. Guy cannot be created merely regarding his biological existence. Education brings into focus the social part of man. Education signifies mans supreme situation in culture.

Many of the people are getting educated but some are generally not caring about the good education that they have once there are a lot of people that are not having any education. One of the most continual and the most " irritating problem” the fact that schools are experiencing with their pupils nowadays is usually tardiness (Sprick and Daniels, 2007).

Students will be tardy for any variety of reasons, but getting late to class can become a behavior that can possess a negative impact on their achievement in school. Colleges often establish an attendance policy which includes punishment intended for multiple tardies. A firm plan can help schools promote student punctuality and accountability -- traits that students can hold with them even as soon as they finish university. (Fuller, 2013)


Tardiness among pupils has its own adverse repercussions. It truly is emphasized that lateness or tardiness is not just the condition of the late student nonetheless it affects the surrounding people. Students coming overdue in class distracts the rest of the college students and disturbs the stream of the teacher's discussion. It can be even a burden to the student/s whom the late students ask for what to catch up with (Nakpodia and Dafiaghor, 2011).

Also, Students who have are late to classes may standard in their class work. If the student yearns for the first part of a lecture, for example , he may miss the records that he will need to examine for an upcoming exam. Some teachers will not accept later homework, and so they will not grant a student to choose in a home work assignment if he is tardy. This can result in an incomplete or faltering grade intended for the work (Fuller, 2013).

Additionally , the school while an institution is also greatly affected. As Nakpodia and Dafiaghor (2011) put it: " lateness inhibits the process of achieving the goals of the school” (p. 60). The school cannot provide its work as well as it should be expected in the event that tardiness amongst students is prevalent.

Research have revealed that those learners with " perfect or perhaps near-perfect attendance” have great grades when compared to those pupils who misses classes typically and late-comers (Cowan Avenue Elementary School Community, 2007, para 3).  Moreover, as mentioned by Zeiger (2010), the comes from the study report done by professors show that students with high tardiness rates possess " bigger rates of suspension and also other disciplinary measures” (National Centre for Education Statistics Indications of School Crime and Security [NCESISCS] (2007)). It also triggers the students to acquire behavioral problems and to drop-out. A school also serves the country by generating professionals and competent citizens but this kind of purpose may be defeated if the students happen to be tardy in school. A study conducted by Weade (2004) revealed that there is a higher probability that a tardy college student will also be tardy at work. In respect to Weade, tardiness amongst employees shows to impact profitability. Abernathy (1989) added that as employers need punctual personnel, a tardy employee will likely be relegated from the place of work. This is a huge detriment to get a tardy pupil in the long run and a problem for the college as a professional institution. Also, students...


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