Cannabis Remains The next Most Popular Substance Of Abuse At the rear of Nicotine And Alcohol

 Essay about Marijuana Continues to be The Third Many Popular Substance Of Mistreatment Behind Smoking And Liquor

п»їMarijuana remains the third most popular material of abuse behind cigarette smoking and alcohol. В Should certainly marijuana always be legalized pertaining to general use and for what reason? For followup discussion, respond to at least two of your peers explaining whether or not you agree or disagree using their explanation and why.

Christine LongВ

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Re: Module six DQ one particular

I do not really believe in the idea that Marijuana ought to be legalized. There are reasons why the drug can be outlawed, such as Marijuana's addictiveness, the issue of driving a car while intoxicated by Marijuana, and because of the not enough research that describes the final results of long-term Marijuana employ. Marijuana is does not include withdrawal symptoms like other drugs. The withdrawal symptoms of Marijuana happen to be headaches, perspiration, and a metallic smell on the palms of the hands. However , because of the potential for addiction and wrong use, Marijuana should never, in my opinion become legalized. Analysis on the long term effects of Cannabis are not well-known. Cancer and breathing problems could be concerns for long-term Cannabis smokers. I believe that the dangers of using the drug, surpass the positive reasons for smoking Marijuana. If Weed were made legal, there would be more issues with DUI's. If the medication were made legal and a person smoke cigarettes three important joints per week, this would be high dosage Marijuana employ. Marijuana is so fat sencillo that in three bones per week, the THC in the blood in the driver, would never decrease. Legalizing Marijuana is only popular because the war on medications in screwing up. " His party presidential prospect Ron Paul and evangelical leader Dab Robertson both have recently needed the legalization of weed due to the actual call failed drug conflict policies" (Hart & Ksir, 2013). Sources

Hart, C. L., and Ksir, C. (2013). В Drugs, society & human patterns. New York, BIG APPLE: McGraw-Hill. В В В В В В В В В В В В

Erica BiehlВ

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Re: Module 6 DQ 1

I do not believe marijuana should be legal. Marijuana was

outlawed back in 1937, which I think should be kept that way. (Hart & Ksir, 2012) Although it was legalized for medical use, I do believe that is in terms of it should move, especially in Cal. There is a lot of health concerns linked with marijuana (THC), such as increased heart rate, reddening of the eyes, can hinder driving skills, impairs lung function, and possibility addition to chest cancer. (Hart & Ksir, 2012) Although marijuana can help alleviate discomfort and help to medical worries, I believe cannabis should be simply allowed beneath medical factors. If we legalized marijuana we might have to assure the safety in the community, which usually would require drug tests when pulled over, to ensure that they get a DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE, just like FERRY-BOAT levels to get drivers who are under the influence of alcohol. Additionally , generally there would have to always be laws, a lot like medical weed laws, where you can't get it done in public, should be within your house, and only allowed to purchase certain amount by a given period. В Another regulation that would must be stated is the legal age group law of getting and cigarette smoking marijuana. I believe that teenager, especially in secondary school, are already exposing themselves to underage ingesting and trying out drug, I do not think we should legalize another medicine, for them to manage to get thier hard on at an easier method to try things out. The only benefits to legalizing marijuana would to be to tax the heck from it, so every state will get more money away selling this kind of, but I actually do not think this should become a reason to legalize this. I think as a result of laws that would have to be instated and the health hazards connected with weed, we should certainly not legalize it. В

Scharf, C. M., and Ksir, C. (2013). В Drugs, world & human being behavior. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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Tyler McfarlandВ

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Lso are: Module 6th DQ 1

The issue of legalizing marijuana can be interesting and one that some states have already passed. I grew up in Washington Point out and then I actually lived in Colorado State for a while, two declares that have both legalized the...

References: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2010). Ecstasy overdoses at a New Year is Eve Rave -- Los Angeles, California. MMWR: Morbidity & Mortality Every week Report, 59(22), 677-681. Retrieved November twenty two, 2014 from

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Nshea TillmanВ

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Re: Module six DQ 2

Consider the physiological effects of the alleged " designer" drugs. Are these medications any more hazardous than nicotine or liquor?

The medicines that are regarded as more hazardous are ECSTASY, whch is usually ecstasy, which usually destroys the brain cells and eats awat at all of them. These artist drugs are thought part of research purposed and how they impact the body internally. With that getting saif any drug will have their trigger and impact and all drugs will eventually damage bodily organs and you do not. I feel that smoking and liquor have slow affects on the body and the slowly damage your inside, while the designer medications immediatly start taking the impact in the body that can not prolong any loss of life or sort.

Hart, C. L., & Ksir, C. (2013). Medicines, society, & human patterns (15th ed). New York, BIG APPLE: McGraw-Hill


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