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Sony Company is one of the best-known names in consumer electronics andranks second worldwide in electronics behind Matsushita Electric Corporation. Since itwasВ establishedВ shortlyВ afterВ WorldВ WarВ II, В SonyВ hasВ introducedВ aВ streamВ ofВ revolutionaryВ products, В includingВ theВ transistorВ radio, В theВ TrinitronВ television, В theBetamaxВ VCR, В theВ CDВ player, В theВ WalkmanВ portableВ cassetteВ player, В andВ thePlayStation video game console. You’re able to send electronics segment--which includes audioand video products, televisions, pcs, monitors, pc peripherals, telecommunications devices, and electronic pieces (such because semiconductors). When ever Dr . Toshi T. Doi took demand of the task to develop a new computer in 1984, herecruitedВ 11В top-flightВ engineersВ toВ formВ theВ team. В

Doi established three basicguidelines for the expansion: •

(1) the computer should be 32 little bit;


(2) it should be multi-purpose; and


(3) the project should be completed immediately. The technicians, however , made the decision that they planned to design a machine (an engineeringworkstation)В thatВ wouldВ helpВ themВ inВ theirВ ownВ engineeringВ workВ ratherВ thanВ amultipurpose equipment. В Doi approved their plan, butВ he required that it beВ finished in sixmonths. SAPADAPA EXAMINATION: I. SituationalВ Analysis

Dr . Toshi T. Doi was the standard manager of Sony's workstation division(WD) and was not thinking about changing Sony's product development method, which was effective and effective. The WD's workstation " NEWS" launchedin October 1986 at the Tokyo Data Show had made over multitude of inquiries; theyВ recoveredВ investmentsВ inВ fewВ monthsВ andВ sawВ aВ doubleВ inВ salesannually. Its cool product development (NPD) process intended for the 1550 series workstationhad three stages:

basic architecture specification


product design and style


initially lot production

One side effect of Sony's preoccupation with the video organization was that itscomputer business. Even though Sony hadВ some success in theВ computer gamemarket, its 1st entrants...


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