Neurological Cycles

 Biological Cycles Essay

5 Biogeochemical Cycles Project

Due: Wed, Dec 12th/Thurs, December 13th

Utilizing your book, remarks, & other creditable options, you will develop a labeled diagram and synopsis of each of the 4 biogeochemical cycles displaying the moves and changes of these vital substances.

Make sure you address the specifics outlined for each routine.

1 . Hydrological cycle

Around the cycle diagram label this:

a. moisture build-up or condensation

b. precipitation

c. percolation/infiltration

d. runoff

e. evapotranspiration

f. area water

g. aquifer/ground normal water

h. Biota waste

i. Autotrophs

l. Heterotrophs

e. light strength

2 . Carbon/Oxygen cycle

For the cycle diagram label the next:

a. Co2 (CO2)

n. Carbonate (CO3)2-

c. Fresh air (O2)

d. Fossil Fuels

electronic. Photosynthesis

farrenheit. Respiration

g. Combustion

l. Decomposition

my spouse and i. Biota spend

j. Methane (CH4)

t. Autotrophs

d. Heterotrophs

3. Nitrogen pattern

On the routine diagram label the following:

a. Nitrogen (N2)

b. Nitrogen fixing bacteria

c. Nitrification

d. Denitrification

e. Phosphate (NH3) & Ammonium ion (NH4+)

farrenheit. Nitrates (NO3 -)

g. Nitrites (NO2 -)

h. Fertilizers

i actually. Assimilation

m. Decomposition

e. Biota spend

l. Autotrophs

m. Heterotrophs

4. Phosphorus cycle

On the cycle picture label the subsequent:

a. Phosphate (PO4-)

m. Precipitation

c. Erosion

d. Fertilizers

o. Deposition

deb. Assimilation

e. Decomposition

farrenheit. Biota spend

p. Autotrophs

q. Heterotrophs

Specifications to follow:

1 . Not any Notebook Daily news

2 . Only 1 labeled Biogeochemical cycle picture per bed sheet of daily news, diagram should fill the sheet three or more....


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