Banglalink Online marketing strategy

 Banglalink Online strategy Essay

Telecom Sector


Telecommunication links via satellites happen to be bringing about groundbreaking changes in the domains of connection. The obstacles of spots and time have absolutely collapsed. Not very long ago it took days to communicate to someone through a letter but new AN STD and ISD facilities make communication a great instantaneous process. The world seems to have contracted or recently been squeezed into anyone in just about any part in the world. What Telecommunication Marketing Is:

You know the definition of promoting is, " It's a method by which people and groups obtain what they need and want by creating and exchanging companies value with others”. And so we can admit telecommunication is usually process which usually telecom business or operator's presents many and services. Telecommunication includes a great function in modern economy and society. With no it all of us can't thing about the prosperity from the society. Nowadays in most of nations telecom market contributes a huge share of national cash flow. Telecommunication the actual whole world as a global village. So people may communicate with each other from anywhere of the world. Mobile Phone situation in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh provides the lowest telephone penetration costs in the world as well as South Asia. According to a report by the International Telecommunication union (ITU), only 1. 56 among 100 people of Bangladesh very own telecom services. The telecommunication industry in Bangladesh is composed of six players. Bangladesh Telecom Limited was your first competitor in the market back in 1989 mainly because it was honored a license to use cellular. After that it has been renamed to Pacific cycles Bangladesh Telecom Ltd. and given the manufacturer name Citycell Digital to its cell phone service. Grameen Phone, Robi, Banglalink, Teletalk and Airtel have entered the industry with various within between. Before 4 years the market recieve more than doubled, growing by 1 . a few million reader in early 2005 to 38. 93 million at the end of 2010

Company History

Orascom Phone system Bangladesh Ltd.

Type| Part

Founded| 99

Headquarters| Gambling House, House # SW(H)04, Gulshan Opportunity, Gulshan Style Town, Dhaka, Bangladesh| AreaВ served| 62 schisme and 447 thanas

KeyВ people| Rashid Khan, CEO

Industry| Telecommunication

Products| Telephony

Revenue| Tk. toll free million

Parent| Orascom Telecom S i9000. E. Egypt

Slogan| making a differenceonuvutir network


Once Banglalink moved into the Bangladesh telecom sector in March 2005, the scenario transformed overnight with mobile telephony becoming an exceptionally useful and affordable interaction tool for individuals across most segments.

Within twelve months of operation, Banglalink started to be the speediest growing cellular operator of the country with a growth rate of 257 percent. This milestone was achieved with innovative and attractive products targeting the different market portions; aggressive improvement of network quality and dedicated customer service; and effective communication that emotionally connected customers with Banglalink.

Banglalink came into the market which has a promise of producing mobile phone inexpensive for people. This promise was kept and Banglalink was the first user to expose a flat level for all calls (inside own network yet others operators) intended for the convenience and ease of customers. Thus " desh” came to be – the best prepaid package for call any network. The toned rate pertaining to desh (one rate every throughout the day for almost any operator) is definitely taka 1 ) 45/min and 3 FnF (friends and family) – to any user.

Banglalink also ladies, 1st! – The sole telecom package deal that caters to communication needs of women of Bangladesh. Girls, first! Involves the concept of community based interaction where female to talk selected numbers generally, to maintain a great balance between professional and private priority. Consequently ladies, initial! Offers...


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