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There are some factors that may affect the health and development. Smoking can affect the babies' oxygen in the tummy which could affect the growth and development, low birth excess weight, high risk of prematurely (birth before week's gestation), asthma and may result in cot fatality. Genetic elements – if the baby has condition, which means that it has been passed down to these people by one among their father and mother. Infections and medical conditions – some babies have medical problem which may have an effect on them during their childhood. This might lead the babies having low self-pride, feeling distress, not making friends and impact their creation. Alcohol – having alcoholic beverages during pregnancy might cause Foetal Alcoholic beverages Syndrome (FAS). This could lead the baby, low birth excess weight, small , learning difficulties, and facial problems and interest problems.


An indoor and outdoor environment has to be secure, reassuring and stimulating pertaining to babies. Acquiring risk examination – being sure that the environment is safe for the babies to move around the setting without hazards. Practitioner should do risk analysis within the establishing and outdoors in the backyard for the babies to be safe. To keep the babies induced and reassured practitioner consider about the surroundings, for example: the surroundings should think about the babies how the infants should use it. Practitioner should arrange the room/environment which can be suitable for the babies. While making sure the indoors and outdoors environment are safe, comforting and exciting practitioner have to consider what the babies likes/dislike, development stage of the baby so they can offer age/stage activities and resources. Also experts need to adhere to policies and procedures to make certain that the infants in the environment are safe, reassuring and exciting. Providing revitalizing environment specialist need to consider the environment to be creative and encourage the babies to research the room with different activities. Marian Beaver, Jo Brewster, ou al claims: " infants and young children need a setting in which they will hear and commence to respond to language and opportunities to have interaction socially with others. ” (Page 32) It is important to hold the babies stimulated; it can be done by having physical light inside the sensory room for the babies to look at. Practitioners provides babies appropriate activities that really help the infants to reach their milestone and the holistic advancement. Routines help the babies being stimulated and meet their particular individual treatment needs. To make certain that the infants are triggered and reassured the room must be bright and eye catching.


six month

•Physical – Fine motor unit skill – able to approach object in one to another, place different items into their mouth area. Gross motor unit skill – roll over back and front side, can indicate he/she hands when hw/she wants to end up being lift. •Intellectual – find object that have been removed

•Language – babbling – may blend vowels and rimant together elizabeth. g. purse ma de uma •Emotional/Social – specific accessories – miss key person in their life, likewise show sign of distress, for example: crying and moping when departing the room being unfaithful month

•Physical – Fine electric motor skill – hold things with index and thumb, release objects by shedding them. Major motor skill – sit straight up with no support, is likely to spider or spin. •Intellectual – can put object in to container once asked •Language – babbling – babble but the appear is limited •Emotional/Social – multiple attachments – their interpersonal process start off which is crucial.


Messy perform – 9 month

•Physical –

•Intellectual –

•Language –

•Emotional –

•Social –

Nappies Changing – 7 month

•Physical –

•Intellectual –

•Language –

•Emotional –

•Social –


The part of the practitioner in conference the particular needs in group care should be to establish associations with babies and parents. It can help the conversation between the professionals and the father and mother, welcoming the fogeys into the...


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