Assignment: "balance sheet" and Funds Flow Declaration

 Assignment: Balance Sheet and Funds Flow Declaration Essay

п»їAssignment -- A

Query 1(a) What do you understand by concept of conservatism? Why is it also called the concept of wisdom? Why is it not applied as strongly today as it used to be in the Past? Question 1(b) What is a Balance Sheet? How does a Funds Circulation Statement vary from a Balance Bed sheet? Enumerate those items which are usually shown in a Balance Sheet and a Money Flow Assertion. Question 2(a) Discuss the value of rate analysis intended for inter-firm and intra-firm reviews including instances responsible for it is limitations. If any Problem 2(b) How come do you understand by the term 'pay-out ratio'? What elements are taken into consideration while identifying pay-out proportion? Should a company follow a set pay-out rate policy? Go over fully. Query 3. In the ratios and other data given below for Bharat Auto Equipment Ltd. reveal your meaning of the company's financial position, operating efficiency and profitability. В

Year I

Year 2

Year III

Current Ratio




Trial Ratio




Working Capital Proceeds (times)

2 . 75

several. 00

a few. 25

Receivables Turnover

being unfaithful. 83

almost eight. 41

7. 20

Average Collection Period (Days)

thirty seven



Inventory to Working Capital




Inventory Proceeds (times)

six. 11

6. 01

your five. 41

Cash flow per Fairness Share

a few. 10

four. 05

installment payments on your 50

Net gain to Net Worth

11. 07%

8. five per cent

7. 0%

Operating Expenses to Net Sales




Sales maximize during the year




Cost of items sold to Net Sales

70 percent



Dividend per share

Rs. 3

Rs. 3

Rs. 3

Set Assets to Net Worth

sixteen. 4%


22. seven percent

Net Profit on Net Sales

six. 03%

5. 09%

installment payments on your 0%

Question 4: Bose has supplied the following information regarding his organization for the entire year ended thirty-one st Drive, 2004 is really as follows: В

Assets and Liabilities

On 1st The spring 2003

On 31st Drive, 2004



Manifold debtors

1, 81, 500

1, 93, 000


1, 50, 000

1, 40, 1000


two, 50, 000



forty, 000


Sundry creditors

you, 10, 000

1, 25, 000





To Opening equilibrium

5, 000

By Payments to lenders

3, 50, 000

To Cash revenue

61, 000

By pay

1, 60, 000

To Receipt coming from debtors

7, 53, 000

By Wages

1, 60, 000

To Misc. receipts

2, 500

By Sketches

40, 1000

By Weekend office expenditures

1, 10, 000

To Loan coming from Dass snabel-a 9% per year (taken in 1 . 15. 2003)

1, 00, 500

By Machinery purchased (on 1 . 10. 2003)

ninety five, 000

By simply Closing stability

16, 000

9, 21 years old, 000

being unfaithful, 21, 500

Discount allowed totaled Rs. 7, 1000 and lower price received was Rs. four, 000. Debt written off were Rs. 8, 1000. Depreciation was written away on pieces of furniture @5% per year and machinery @ 10% per annum underneath the straight range methodof devaluation. The office expenses included Rs. 5, 500 paid because insurance high grade for the season ending 30th June, 2005. Wages amounting to Rs. 20, 500 were still due in 31st March, 2004 Put together trading and profit and loss are the cause of the year concluded 31 si March, 2005 and the balance sheet as upon that day. В

Issue 5:

(a) What process would you undertake to study the liquidity of any business company? (b) Who are all the parties thinking about knowing this kind of accounting data? (c) What ratio or other economical statement examination technique will you adopt with this. Assignment -- B

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