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Home Violence

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Across the world, it is presumed that women who have are in love are willing to do whatever it takes

to maintain a relationship with the partner. Like is the groundwork for every marriage and helps couples overcome any kind of obstacle they face over the road. Regrettably, after a although, this love that when existed disappears completely and is substituted by bruises and aggravating words. A relationship that was once a fairytale history is troubled by an outbreak that is seen to affect plenty of women in all of the most every country all over the world, domestic abuse. Domestic assault is defined as a pattern of abusive habit that is used simply by one spouse to gain or maintain power and control of the different partner. Once domestic maltreatment affects a relationship it is hard for the women to recognize the abuse as a result of dominance and love they have for their partner. Violence against women is one of the most frequent problems in Cambodia that affects females from almost all age, competition, ethnicity, and socioeconomic category therefore it is necessary for women to receive the treatment required to reduce preventing further maltreatment.


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Although there are cases of domestic physical violence against males, it has been proven it's far just a exceptional

case and ladies experience more intimate partner violence than do males during their life time. Domestic physical violence shows essential it is intended for society to target more on this topic and search for a solution to this pandemic that influences society as a whole. Even with the high number of reported situations of home-based abuse right now there still exist a top percentage of cases that go unreported year due to women's lack of knowledge about them.

As I extended my study on this matter, I found away that there are two kinds of mistreatment (mental abuse or mental abuse and physical abuse). There are present two main types of abuse are categorized because domestic

violence. Physical maltreatment consists of slapping, hitting, hitting, burning, punching, chocking, shoving, throwing points, locking a person out of our home, restraining and also other acts made to injure, hurt, endanger, or cause physical pain. However, emotional mistreatment includes constantly doing or perhaps saying what you should shame, slander, ridicule, bug, demean, belittle, or emotionally hurt someone else. To begin with, it is extremely important to know that both types of domestic abuse require the same focus and should become treated together with the same level of seriousness. There should be no desire to help patients who suffer from physical abuse rather than emotional abuse; both of these abuses leave scarring in a ladies life that require healing and treatment before being able to move on with their your life. Just like there is absolutely no better or worse form of abuse, there is no real excuse for this to occur in different relationship. Household violence is actually a serious problem with this country and society should certainly view while that, a great epidemic that affects quite a few of women every year. Once a girl becomes a sufferer of home-based violence they may be hurt physically and or emotionally. The misuse they are exposed to blinds these people from the fact of their circumstance and in many cases fear can take over the woman which then prohibits them from reporting domestic violence and searching for help. In society a large number of people think that if a man is usually abusing women either literally or emotionally, then it should be the woman's responsibility to be smart enough to leave his side and start a new existence without them, but it is not necessarily this easy, especially when you will find children active in the relationship.

The reason why so many situations of domestic violence move unreported are personal and society. It can be difficult for a female to accept they are really being mistreated by a person whom they will thought liked them and cared for all of them. A patient of household violence contains a hard time in accepting they can be being abuse and choosing the strength to leave their particular abusive spouse. For many...

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