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John Arrow

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25 January 2013

Annotated Bibliography

Chaney, Matt, and Stefan Fatsis. " NFL 2012 The tackling Strategy Roger Goodell says will make football safer. (It Won't). ” Standing 12 The fall of 2012. Net. 25 December 2012.

The two creators of this article don't realize the seriousness of how crucial it is to maintain your number of hard helmet to helmet hits down. Those two men tend not to believe we have a way to make football safer as long as players are using protective helmets. The designed audience may be the people that will be arguing in an attempt to make football safer. This article will help light up my thesis because it will give me a thing that I can rebuttal against and prove that they can be wrong.

Cook, Kevin. " Dying to Play. ” New York Occasions 11 September 2012. Net. 27 December 2012.

Cook is usually telling the storyline of a Tulane University student that had a extreme accident in a football game. He is extremely interested with all the issue that the majority of football players are getting key brain injuries due to hard helmet to helmet hits. The planned audience with this short content is the NFL, high school, and college sports players. This article gives me an excellent story to refer to in my paper about why soccer is so hazardous the way it truly is.

Culverhouse, Gay. Throwaway Players: The Concussion Problems From Pee Wee Soccer to the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. Lake Forest: Behler Magazines, 2012. Produce.

Culverhouse is speaking about why football is so hazardous and how easy it is to destruction your brain. Having been a former chief executive of the Gambling, which lets us know that he loves football and it had been his life. His intended audience is most probably going to always be all sports players. This will help to illuminate my own thesis because it is giving myself information that we agree with and information which i am fighting for.

Gregory, Esten. " The Problem with Soccer: How to Make This Safer. ” 28 January 2010. Web. 28 December 2012.

Gregory is writing this article to try and help soccer...

Bibliography: Culverhouse, Gay. Throwaway Players: The Concussion Problems From Pee Wee Football to the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. Lake Forest: Behler Guides, 2012. Produce.

Culverhouse is referring to why soccer is so risky and how easy it is to destruction your brain

Hamalainen, Karina. " Head to Head. ” Science World 68. almost eight (2012): 14-17. Web. twenty-four January 2013.

Hamalainen is showing us with regards to a study that shows how football players might be harmful their brains even though they can be not demonstrating any indications of a concussion


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