Ancient Egypt Famous Pharaohs Research Project with Rubric critique

 Ancient Egypt Famous Pharaohs Research Project with Rubric critique Research Daily news





Determining Famous Pharaohs

Research Project

" Assessing Renowned Pharaohs” Study

Greetings, my own loyal protégés!

I hope this kind of message discovers you well. I was writing to request your

help in an excellent undertaking. I actually request you research one of many great Silk pharaohs via


my own accompanying list and present your results at the total annual Egyptology Convention held in Cairo in a couple weeks. I realize this really is short recognize, but imagine the audience. This is your

possibility to present pursuit to the planet's leading Egyptologists. It could be your " big break” in our field!

First, you need to assemble a team of assistant analysts. This is way too large a challenge to


handle all on your own. Choose a maximum of two beneficial individuals. With each other, the three of you must perform extensive exploration about one of the following pharaohs: Akhenaten, Hatshepsut, Hatshepsut, Khufu, Ramesses 2, Seti We, Tutankhamen, or Thutmose III. My co-workers in Cairo

will expect a well-researched PowerPoint demonstration (or Keynote presentation, if you prefer a



Mac) outlining the following:

 The recognized strengths or weaknesses in the pharaoh you've chosen;  Their contributions to Egyptian your life and culture.

Oh, and another thing! I need you to email me a two-page summary, seance me with your research results, by the end of next week. When received, I will review your studies and transfer your letter to the meeting organizers, thus they may place your theme on the convention's agenda.

Encapsulated, please get additional paperwork to help you makes project a smashing success!

Yours genuinely,

Dr . Garrett Samuels

Created by Captain christopher Mitchell, [email protected] com

Searching into the Project: A Step-by-Step Set of Instructions.


1 . ) Set up a group of 3 participants.

installment payments on your ) Decide which of these 8-10 pharaohs you desire to research depending on the short introduction We presented to you personally in class.


3. ) Beginning pursuit: Remember that the task has three primary components: (1) perceived strengths, (2) recognized weaknesses, and (3) contributions to Silk life and culture. Should you must, this last part may be separated into two specific components. The study you execute will be detailed, well-documented, and contain a mixture of resources. You might use nonfiction books or encyclopedias from our library along with professional Internet



sites. You will have a total of 5-7 sources noted in your project.

4. ) Organize the findings within the research wood logs I have presented you. You will have to analyze your research to determine into which with the three elements it will match. In other words, maintain basic data like when they ruled, if they were delivered, etc ., to a minimum in your

project. You will emphasis instead on why they are important to Egyptian history and to community history.

5. ) Keep in mind! Document, record, document your findings!

6. ) Composing your survey: A two-page essay with your findings is due at the end on this week. The report can contain an intro paragraph, human body paragraphs about the three key components of the research project, and a bottom line paragraph. You may write a great essay

for a longer time than two pages if you would like.

Created by simply Christopher Mitchell, [email protected] com

Digging in the Project: A Step-by-Step Pair of Instructions (continued). 7. ) Next week, the team will make a PowerPoint presentation detailing your studies. As you create your PowerPoint, envision you really ARE


Keep in mind, we're role-playing.

presenting for the Egyptology Conference in Cairo. Try to win over your tutor Dr . Samuels and fellow Egyptologists. Picture this truly is definitely your big break!

eight. ) Regarding the PowerPoint: Begin with a title glide that contains free-use clip artwork or images.


Next, present your findings with a minimum of five error-free slides. That means...


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