An important Approach to Evaluate the Performance of Bagasse Co-Generation Plants

 Essay regarding An Integral Method to Evaluate the Functionality of Bagasse Co-Generation Plant life


An integral method of evaluate the efficiency

of bagasse co-generation plants


A. F. Lau, K. T. K. N. Kong Get Chang and D. Gunness

Mauritius Glucose Industry Study Institute

[email protected] intnet. mu

Keywords: energy, bagasse, co-generation, electricity


Bagasse cum fossil fuel co-generation vegetation, in partnership with the cane sweets industry of Mauritius are becoming major players in the electric power production sector. In the bigger plants, fossil fuel is used as fuel throughout the off-crop season to enable electrical energy export throughout the year, ensuring maximum plant operation and success. In the year the year 2003, power sales to the energy, using bagasse and fossil fuel as fuel was about 300 GWh and 430 GWh, respectively. The development stage is approaching completion, plus the energy marketing stage is.

In our quest to optimize the technical performance of bagasse co-generation plants, the factors affecting surplus electrical power production had been analyszed, using existing data. It appears that the large disparity between electricity development of the least and the most effective co-generation plant life is certainly not solely an issue of technological superiority, at the. g., high-pressure boilers. The turbo-alternator, method steam ingestion, imbibition % cane, fiber % walking cane, boiler effectiveness, moisture % bagasse, electricity consumption inside the mill in addition to the power plant have distinct influence about surplus electricity production.

Consequently, the performance of a co-generation flower can be effectively assessed only if all these factors are considered integrally and reported a benchmarked figure intended for comparison. Strength inefficient areas can be discovered for helpful actions that must be taken. Electricity production and sugars recoveries are technical symptoms for this functionality evaluation.

Typical fFigures from Mauritian co-generation vegetation are used to benchmark the surplus electrical energy production to get plants with low, method and high-pressure boilers. Achievable targets with proven technology shows that this ranged between 76 kWh/t cane to 143 kWh/t cane (433 to 815 kWh/t fibre) from the low- pressure towards the high- pressure boiler selection.


The financial incentives, endorsed by all stakeholders, under a bagasse energy co-generation program (1, 2, 3Deepchand, 2000, 2001; Kong Win Chang, 2001) aimed at enhancing the financial viability of the cane sugars industry and allowing Mauritius to diversify its strength base, were the key elements leading to a pointy rise in excessive electricity development. The bad back-pressure generators and turbo-alternators are being phased out. Fresh boilers have already been installed, other folks upgraded, and the live steam is used to power a lot more efficient condensing-extraction turbo-alternators (CETA) to produce electricity for the entirely hot factory and any excessive for foreign trade. The low-pressure steam, extracted from CETA is used, more efficiently in the quintuple, instead of quadruple effect evaporator stations. Strength surveys, geared towards optimizing the performance of co-generation vegetation, are getting carried out by the MSIRI.

The technology and operating parameters for surplus electricity development are already well established and will not really be reviewed here. The prime purpose of this kind of paper is always to present a method to assess the overall performance of existing co-generation plants. In our approach, the real influence of each with the factors two

influencing extra electricity creation is first overviewed, as it will permit us to rapidly identify, energy ineffective areas within a plant, my spouse and i. e., where you can concentrate each of our efforts. The next step is to consider all the influencing factors at the same time and carry out a benchmarking procedure with existing equipment to find out that remedial action within a specific part of a herb will deliver a significant rise in surplus electricity production. Lastly, benchmarking electricity...

References: Deepchand, K. (2000). Progress in bagasse strength development in Mauritius and future short-term prospects. International cane strength news, Winrock International, Arlington, VA, The spring 2000.

Deepchand, K. (2001). Sharing of revenue via co-generated bagasse energy in Mauritius, Int. ernational Sugars J. ournal., 2001, Volume., 103 (, No . 1236):, pp 533 – 539.


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