An Essay Based on the Different Parts of Occupational Remedy

 An Article Based on different Areas of Work-related Therapy


The assignment will be based upon the different areas of occupational therapy – An occupational therapist can work in numerous areas of the health service. Inside your assignment it looks in debt for a number of these areas and the roles and responsibilities of the work-related therapist. Acknowledgements

I want to express my own special understanding and thanks to my lecturer Philomena Mccluskey you have recently been a tremendous coach for me. The advice in both my study assignments as well as my job guidance has been invaluable. I would also like expressing my thanks to the staff in the Cavan Commence library that can not be a little more helpful after i was researching my project and providing some valuable resources. Advantages

Appropriate planning was taken on in this task to give an insight into the diverse areas of occupational therapy. In line with the NHS, occupational therapy is the assessment and treatment of physical and psychiatric conditions using specific purposeful activity to avoid disability and promote 3rd party function in all respects of lifestyle. The aim of this study should be to evaluate the suitable skills and personal qualities would have to be an work-related therapist associate. The author will look in-depth with the areas of work an occupational therapist associate can work in. e. g. both general public and private. The collaboration of the different exercises team members just like health care support workers and physiotherapist co-workers will also be looked and how all their roles vary from an work-related therapy associate. Main Physique

* Understanding and knowledge of the practice of Occupational Therapy Work-related therapy is the art and science of enabling diamond in everyday living (Townsend& Polatajko, 2007, s. 372). Occupational therapists are involved with facilitating individuals to do everyday points that they find relevant to all their lifestyle. The chief function of your occupational specialist is to boost patient care through carries on determination and assurance that the patient will overcome all their established condition, whether it is a mental ailment or a physical disability. The principal intentions of an Occupational therapist are to give intervention that will assist in the rehabilitation of the customer and try to provide the patient a feeling of self-discipline. First of all the occupational therapist needs to assess the patient's performance in daily living and evaluate their very own physical and cognitive ability (multiple sclerosis society Ireland in europe, 2013). The occupational specialist will also look at the residential confinement that the sufferer is residing in and consider its possibility of future efficiency. Furthermore, the Occupational specialist aims to allow people to reach their full potential, attain their goals, and enjoy your life to the full (British association of occupational counselors, 2013). A lot of individuals being treated usually have a loss of self-confidence and may experience slight anxiousness or depression. According to the job of Holmes and Rahe, they claim that ‘an accumulation of significant life incidents in any 12 months increases the vulnerability to stress related problems' (Holmes & Rahe 1967). This issue could be resolved simply by introducing intellectual behavioural methods and setting realistic desired goals for individuals that are achievable within a selected period of time (short term and long term goals). Occupational practitioners work in a number of settings which include hospitals, child care centres, nursing homes, schools, universities, community organisations and treatment centres. Various also work in private practice and provide work-related therapy inside the client's home or residential setting (AOTI 2013). The knowledge and practice of an work-related therapist is critical when participating with other disciplinary team members just like physiotherapists, talk and language therapists, healthcare professionals and doctors when evaluating patients. * An admiration of the ideas and rules of...

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