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Amir Khusrow surrounded by young men. Small from a manuscript of Majlis Al-Usshak by Husayn Bayqarah| Background information

Birth name| Ab'ul Hasan Yamīn al-Dīn Khusrow

Born| 1253

Patiali, Etah, Uttar Pradesh, India

Died| 1325 (aged 72)

Genres| Ghazal, Khayal, Qawwali, Rubai, Tarana

Occupations| Artist, Poet

Ab'ul Hasan Yamīn al-Dīn Khusrow (1253-1325 CE) (Persian: ابوالحسن یمین‌الدین خسرو; Hindi: अबुल हसन यमीनुद्दीन ख़ुसरौ ), better generally known as Amīr Khusrow (also Khusrau, Khusro) Dehlawī (امیر خسرو دہلوی; अमीर ख़ुसरौ दहलवी ), was an Of india musician, college student and poet. He was an iconic figure in the ethnical history of the Indian subcontinent. A Sufi mystic and a spiritual disciple of Nizamuddin Auliya of Delhi, Amīr Khusrow was not only a notable poet nevertheless also a productive and seminal musician. This individual wrote beautifully constructed wording primarily in Persian, yet also in Hindavi. He could be regarded as the " father of qawwali" (the devotional music from the Indian Sufis).[1][2] He can also credited with improving Hindustani classical music by introducing Persian and Arabic elements in it, and was the originator from the khayal and tarana varieties of music.[3] The invention of the tabla is also typically attributed to Amīr Khusrow.[4]. Amir Khusrow used just 11 metrical schemes with 35 distinctive divisions. This individual has created Ghazal, Masnavi, Qata, Rubai, Do-Beti and Tarkibhand. A musician and a college student, Amir Khusrow was as prolific in tender words as in very involved prose and could very easily emulate most styles of Persian poetry which in turn had created in ancient Persia, from Khāqānī's powerful qasidas to Nezāmī's khamsa. His contribution to the advancement the ghazal, hitherto little used in India, is particularly significant.[5].

Alexander Visits the Sage Escenario, from Khamsa-e-Nizami by Amir Khusro Material * you Early lifestyle and qualifications * a couple of Career 5. 2 . 1 Major your life events in chronological purchase * installment payments on your 2 Khusrow the Hoheitsvoll...

References: 1 . 1260 Following your death of his father, Khusrow visited Delhi together with his mother.


several. 1272 Khusrow got his first task as courtroom poet with King Balban 's nephew Malik Chhajju.


5. 1279 While composing his second divan, Wastul-Hayat, Khusrau frequented Bengal.


six. 1285 Khusrow participated as a soldier in the war up against the invading Mongols. He was considered prisoner, yet escaped.


being unfaithful. 1288 His first mathnavi, " Qiranus-Sa 'dain" was completed.


10. 1294 His third divan " Ghurratul-Kamal" was total.


13. 1298 Khusrow completed his " Khamsa-e-Nizami".


12-15. 1310 Khusrow became near Nizamuddin Auliya, and completed Khazain-ul-Futuh.


17. 1316 Qutb ud din Mubarak Shah became the king, and the fourth famous mathnavi " Noh-Sepehr" was completed.


nineteen. 1325 Sultan Muhammad bin Tughluq came to power. Nizamuddin Auliya perished, and six months later so did Khusrow. Khusrow is actually tomb can be next to this of his master inside the Nizamuddin Dargah of Delhi.

Khusrow the Noble poet


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