Promoting Plan of Mother Strength Drink

 Marketing Plan of Mom Energy Drink Essay

Business Summary

Mother energy drink aims to provide high quality energy for people. In June 2013, Mother released a new strength drink flavour which is Green Storm. The brand new flavor may expanded the Mother range to add a wide range that is exquisite for consumers who have are looking for mother of an strength hit, with naturally sourced caffeine. The key idea of this marketing strategy is to gain more hobbies of the customers, help to make more people to understand this strength drink.

The highlights of the plan are utilizing the advertising research data to find out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Mother strength drink to compare with rivals. By taking into consideration the consumer habit, Mother strength drink expose different types of flavor. In this way, Mom energy drink aims attain through a proactive approach to potential clients.

This web marketing strategy has been proven to the basis of three years of market research. Data conclude the type and growth of the market and geographical sections, customer requirements, alternative analysis, marketing mixture (7P's) and buying behaviour styles have been within the upswing.




Objective statement5

Vision statement5


Marketing overview6

Market category6

Market size7

Market potential7

Marketing structure8


Competition analysis9

Advantages and weaknesses9



Buyer behavior13

Buying roles13

The buyer decision process13

Industry Segmentation15





Internal Analysis18








Mother is definitely anВ energy drinkВ marketed toВ AustraliansВ andВ New ZealandersВ byВ Coca-Cola. Mother was introduced in late 2006 to compete with both the leading strength drinks in the marketplace, В VВ andВ Red Bull, which then completely outclassed the $151 million sector and made up 94% of sales. Mom remained unaltered on the market intended for 18 months. Information emerged in mid-2008 that Coca-Cola acquired undertaken extensive market research to re-evaluate Mother after that failed to equal or surpass the popularity of V or Red Half truths due to the majority of consumers reporting the original formulation to be horrible. Coca-Cola modified the ingredients with respect to preference and addressed consumer dissatisfaction in regards to the ungenerous standard two hundred and fifty mL can by doubling the size to 500 milliliters without influence on cost, thus exceeding Sixth is v and Crimson Bull which will remained two hundred fifty ml. Quest statement

The mission of Coca-Cola Company is very simple and clear to provide products and services that fulfill the beverage and business needs of shoppers and customers. In doing so , they will give sound and fulfilling business opportunities and benefits can be, suppliers, distributors and neighborhoods. Vision affirmation

In the short-term, Coca-Cola can provide the highest quality with their consumers and business partnerships and benefit the work fulfillment and life-style of each relate. In the long-term, Coca-Cola will certainly meet aktionar needs by achieving environmentally friendly growth, and moreover, they want to strengthen relationships with the community and their responsibility to the environment


In term of goods, Coca-Cola Business is trying to innovate with natural sweeteners, which have the potential to lower calorie consumption per portion, and they will also continue growing products fortified with further nutrients to satisfy global client needs

Marketing overview

Industry category

The launch of Mother Green Storm will probably be accompanied by a built-in marketing communications advertising campaign, including testing and social media. Mother Green Storm will be available in 3 pack sizes: 250mL, 500mL and four x 250mL. The new taste will be available for supermarkets, grocery stores, corner stores and petrol stations Australia-wide.



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