8 Strategy Experience Intro

 8 Approach Experience Intro Essay

Tactical Management

The Strategy Experience

Lecture almost 8

Mark Anderson




The Approach Experience

• You will become a main Plank Director in the WRSX Group, a (fictional) global advertising and marketing communications


• Your responsibility is to make long lasting, strategic decisions in order to deal with the growth and prosperity of

this large, multi-national organisation.

• Performance will be tested in the two financial and non-financial terms but finally on how decisions influence the share selling price of the business.

The Approach Experience

Certain skills and competency development will include:

• Evaluating corporate and business, business and operational approaches • The expansion and research of competitive strategies and revision of strategies

• Management and organisation of teams, sharing of jobs,

responsibilities and workload

• Creative thinking and problem solving

• Risk assessment and risk mitigation

• Balancing financial and non-financial performance indicators • Capacity to reflect on experience and apply learning in other contexts

• Phase One: Tactical Position

• Phase Two: Strategic Choices

• Stage Three: Approach in Action

Stage One: Proper Position

Produce a 2-3 page summary of:

• The planet: macro level and market level

• Strategic capacities: internal research of WRSX

• Ideal purpose: precisely what is the group trying to accomplish?

• Culture and approach: how does WRSX work (or doesn't)? To be completed by: Friday on the lookout for January 2015

Phase One: Strategic Placement

• Environmental surroundings: macro and industry

– Socio-cultural, personal, economic, technology

– Effect on client base, position, requirements

– Structure & size of competition

• Strategic capabilities: inside analysis of WRSX

– Past success and failures?

– Assets and competences?

– Leadership & supervision?

• Strategic purpose: what is the group trying to achieve?

– Juliette Waldron addresses this. How realistic? What is the external perspective?

• Culture and strategy: how exactly does WRSX function (or doesn't)? – A unified group or a federation of agencies?

– Should the Group end up being centralised or perhaps decentralised? How could this be performed?

Phase Two: Strategic Choices

Develop a 2 - 3 page brief summary of:

• The tactical choices for progress available to WRSX


Methods: organic, M& A, forces

Business & Corporate Approach

International growth

To be finished by: Thursday 9 January 2015

Period Two: Strategic Choices

The strategic options for growth offered to WRSX

• Directions:

– Services: Specialized or wide based provider of built-in solutions?

– Markets: Goal specific companies? Seek geographic growth?

• Methods:

– organic, M& A, forces? How features past achievement been achieved?

• Business & Corporate and business Strategy:

– Address facets of ‘broad sixth is v niche'; talk about role of the board (parent) and romance between business units

• Intercontinental growth:

– Relevance? Exactly where? How to obtain?

Phase 3: Strategy for action

The Plank Meetings

• Objective: maximise shareholder value by making a

series of proper decisions in Board level

• Six board meetings over a period of five weeks

• Each signifies six months

Start off:

Monday doze January 2015

Complete by simply: Friday twenty February 2015

2-3 web page summaries:

– The opening strategic location and

– The ideal options for WRSX

• Support papers available on StudySpace and ‘The

Strategy Experience'

• Multiple choice questions (on TSE) will also direct you

• These will be the reference point for your making decisions in the Table Meetings during Phase Three

• They will be essential bout in your individual report

– Complete by simply Friday being unfaithful January 2015

Getting Started…

You need:

• access to ‘MyStrategyLab'

– By way of StudySpace

• to be in a team

– Ideally four – 8 adults

– This kind of maybe based upon your project teams

– transfers can be...


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